Excel Table headers - field names list not showing when typing

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Excel automatically creates table names, i.e. Table1, Table2 etc.. If I start typing ="Table1[..", the list of field names automatically pops up after the square brace '[' and I can just select the field I require in a formula.


After I rename 'Table1' to a meaning table name, i.e. myTable the list of field names does not automatically show when I start typing "=myTable[.." 



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On which Excel platform/version you are? In general it works


So how did you 'rename' the table? you must click on the table and go to the Table Design tab in the menu and then click in the table name there. IF you highlighted the table and change the RANGE name you defined a RANGE that matches the table area but that is not a new TABLE name. You can check by typing Table1[ and see if the columns come up because excel still thinks that table is named Table1

Here is an image of the Table Design menu with the Table Name box on the left.


Alternatively you can also 'rename' the table using the Name Manager (Formulas Tab):



In the above image is the Name Manager where I renamed Table1 to Table1b but myTable is a range not the Table name (notice how it refers to =Table1b(#All) since the Table name is Table1b and was not changed to myTable)

If this is not the issue, please share a sample sheet we can check more into.



Thanks for the reply.  I solved the problem.


It seems Excel does not like periods "." anywhere in the name.  So if I had a table named "tbl.Table1" I do not see the field names when I type.  


However, if I take out the period and rename it "tblTable1" and everything works. 


That's definitely a bug. You may use underscore, tbl_Table1, field names are shown with it.

If we speak about desktop version, period works in Excel for web