Excel Table Flickering Graphics and then Not Responding and Crashing

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Hi Guys,

I have a client that is using excel files. It happens on random machines and cannot seem to find a solution to this. The Excel would jitter and flicker and then become non responsive. This can happen when changing the colour palette of the cell / opening one file to another file. Jumping from old to new file, working off a new file, cut copying and pasting to a new file and working off new file. I have tried several items listed below:


1. Update Graphics Driver

2. Disable Graphics Hardware Acceleration in Excel

3. Change the Default Printer

4. Upgrade 2016 x32 to x64 

5. Down Grade from 2016 to 2013

6. Upgrade from 2013 x32 to x64

7. Upgrade BIOS firmware (This occurs on a 1 x Toshiba Laptop, 2 x Dell Laptops)

8. Asked the users to cut and paste into a new file and create a new book.

9. Formatted the PC.

10. Contacted Dell and Toshiba Technical Support for any known driver upgrades or downgrades (FYI there are none that they know a solution for this issue).

11. Updated the Office through both office updates and windows updates (Everything is Up to Date)

12. Checked to see if there are any addins and run the excel in safe mode.

13. Disable Preview Pane on Windows Explorer

14. Making sure that the Books are in Editing Mode

15. Check to see if they are using any VBA scripts (None that they know of).

16. Upgrade the Old Workbooks from xls to xlsx


Step 13 is my last ditch effort and waiting for a response before I start tearing my hair out, can anyone assist with the issue. The screen would glitch and it occurs on multiple users. All i can think of is the workbooks but they say they have cut and pasted from the old to new workbooks. I have asked them to create new ones from scratch to work of the new workbooks.


Just FYI this only seems to occur in Excel and no other office products and am I am simply tearing my hair out as it is over the last couple of months and this is very intermittent.


Any Help Appreciated. Thanks.


Kind Regards



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Good morning,

We have a few users with the same symptom. Were you ever able to find a solution?





We have this issue with one user on an RDS session.


No other users affected. New profile created and still the same issue.