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I have two workbooks. The destination workbook needs to look for multiple names from one column in the data workbook and return the sums from another column. I have the function =SUMIF('[Benefits spreadsheet 2022.xlsx]Ind Ins'!$J:$J,"Freese*"+"Albright*",'[Benefits spreadsheet 2022.xlsx]Ind Ins'!$K:$K) in the cell and it does not throw an error but it also does not return the value I can see is there. The numbers are all numbers and not text.



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Perhaps you mean

  SUMIF('[Benefits spreadsheet 2022.xlsx]Ind Ins'!$J:$J,
  {"Freese*", "Albright*"},
  '[Benefits spreadsheet 2022.xlsx]Ind Ins'!$K:$K)
Yes! Thank you!

@Sheryl_Little_shlittl , you are welcome