excel SUM issue

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Hi everyone,


i have an issue in Excel.

If i enter numbers in different fields in Table 1 and then want to calculate the sum in Table 2 with a =sum formula in a filed it writes the result in an arbitrary field.


Can you please help?Thanks.

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Show an image of your table and what you want. Attach a sample file. =SUM(TableName[ColumnNae]) should work.
Thanks for your reply,

unfortunately this is only a way of dealing with the problem.

To make it clearer, after creating the formula when using the mouse to select cells on another worksheet and evaluating the formula (enter key) excel loses the active cell of the formula and writes the result of the formula to the position of the active cell of the first worksheet, but to the second worksheet, but does not write that to the active cell.

hope this was a clearer explanation.