EXCEL STOCKHISTORY Function General Release

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By now, it's well-known that the STOCKHISTORY function has been released only for subscribers to MS Office 365.


Does anyone know if and when this function will be released for other versions of MS Excel?  It's a valuable function, but alone it's not worth a subscription license.


I'd appreciate any information that is available.





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There are lots of other functions available that are even more valuable for some users: UNIQUE, FILTER, SORT....LET Do you have those currently? I use STOCKHISTORY, but it is by no means the most valuable part of having the subscription. What are some of your applications of Excel?






I didn't know but am not surprised that there are other functions available in Office 365 that aren't in the permanent licensed versions.  I'm sure that they're useful, but so far I haven't had a need for them.  I spend the majority of my time working on spreadsheets for investors and for tax planning.  The former typically require pulling stock data from the web.  There are a number of workarounds that I've found, but it would be much simpler if MS would open the stockhistory function.  It's there, but blocked.  


Clearly, MS wants everyone on the 365 platform, but it's not practical for many folks.  At least, they have opened the stock data type for their online version of the software, but this doesn't pull historical data.


Thanks for you note.  Wishing you the best,






Wil, as a comment STOCKHISTORY() is avilablabe on Excel Online, nut sure if it is already deployed for all subscribers. But yes, that's 365, even if online.