Excel Stock XNYS financial data now delayed

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Good day/afternoon/evening.


For months I was able to receive XNYS data in real time w/o a delay.   However, as of July 19, 2021 the stock data is now delayed by 15 minutes.


I found this article from Microsoft in Nov 10, 2020 saying that XNYS data was always supposed to be delayed by 15 minutes.  So why was I getting real time data before?




Did I get lucky?  Can I pay Microsoft to get real time data as my charts are dependent on having the data in real time.  It was a great feature and I can't figure out how I had it and now it is gone.


Can you please assist?


Thank you.   Be safe.

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Most probably the delay is on Refinitiv site. But in any case that's better to ask support, not this forum - people here are not working on Microsoft.

Thanks Sergei, apologies I thought this was support. What is this forum?


answers.microsoft.com is more close to support. If you'd like to open the support ticket check in your account profile how to do that for your subscription. Never used it, so don't know details, sorry.