Excel stock quotes #FIELD! error AFL.AU

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My stock quotes work perfectly except for 1 stock "AFL.AU" AF Legal Group.  Excel recognizes the stock and populates the name, but I can't select the price.  I can select other fields such as 52 week high etc - but the data is incorrect.


Can anyone assist?



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It shows last trade time back 4 years ago for XASX, however it is trading on another stock exchange


Have no idea what is the actual situation. If above is not correct you may sent a frown from Help->Feedback

@Sergei Baklan 

Thanks for responding Sergei.  The actual last trade was today




I have sent some feedback as per your  suggestion.  Hopefully they update it!


Thanks again.


Looks like a bug, perhaps since it was break in trading


I also sent a frown.