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There are several stocks that were listed on stock exchange, however, the data in excel are not updated yet. Why do we have such option in excel, if it not updated. It should drag the data live from exchange, right? Or there is somebody who updates these data manually)). Below list of stocks that were listed recently, please fix excel or your work!!!!!!!!!!


NameTickerDate listed
Playtika holding corpPLTK15.01.21
Myte NetherlandsMYTE21.01.21
Shoals TechnologySHLS27.01.21
Telus InternationalTelus03.02.21
ON24 IncOntf03.02.21
Sana biotechnologySana04.02.21
Vor bioharmaVOR05.02.21
Immunocore  holdingsIMCR05.02.21
Viant technologyDSP10.02.21
Bumble IncBMBL11.02.21
Signify HealthSgfy11.02.21
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Agree. this has been a problem for long, so I started using online platforms to play with my portfolio data instead, but would be nice that this was automated.



Any reply from microsoft team?


Perhaps the same case as here Excel and the NYSE - Microsoft Tech Community

No, its different story. I can't understand. Excel has a link to some stock data, why it can't find the stocks that are listed already. They are not inputted manually, right? Stock have links to the market. It should be live and atual


Data for this service is provided by Refinitiv About the Stocks financial data sources - Office Support (microsoft.com) , have no idea how they are collecting the data. In any case it's better to send feedback using this option within Excel and/or in comments to blog about the function on this resource.

I sent hundreds of feedback on excel. No response.
Any response? Heeey


I'm not working for Microsoft and to contact with them you the same channels as you are (Feedback, etc), thus can't help more.



This is still happening as of Dec 23, 2022.  I have to select every Stock ticker cell and press F2 to get the corresponding Price and other cells to update.  The Prices etc. do not update automatically or by pressing F9.  So, everything is manual.


As a subissue, most tickers do allow me to update at least with the F2 method.  But when I press F2 in a ticker cell with the S&P 500 ticker (which Excel deems to be "S&P 500 INDEX"), I get the Data Selector sidebar with its recommended ticker options, which requires me to reenter "S&P 500 INDEX" into the cell every time.  Other tickers do at least update with the simple F2 procedure.


I did give Feedback just now using the link in Data Selector, noting that the update issue has been on the Internet for years now.  Whether it will do any good...