Excel Stock Data Current Price is not Current

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The current price data is not being updated for the tickers anymore.  The Open is correct but the intraday information is not being updated on the refresh.  


The discussions I have read did not really address what the issue is and if Microsoft is actually going to fix this functionality issue.  


The current price is kind of a big deal in terms of analyzing movement during the market hours.


If the data tool does not provide this anymore does anyone else have an easy formula to call a stock price currently say for example:




Any help would be great, I used to use a Yahoo Finance VBA type thing and stopped when Microsoft said this would give me live data that it is not.  


Hugely disappointing.

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Post few sample data then desired output and explain logic.



Clarification:  Excel has a data conversion tool that if you type in a ticker for a security.


I choose MMM.  Then in the data tab click stock.  This ticker will be converted to a data type that is identified through a third party data provider as:




Once this conversion to the data is done in the top right corner of the box you will see numerous fields that will populate data from this source one being Current Price.  


What I am saying is the current price is not being updated anymore.