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I had completed my spreadsheet which is basically cash receipts and cash payments and other data over a 12 month period. I needed to insert header for printing purposes and used the help section on the Excel Page. Unfortunately the advice didn't work and my spreadsheet is now in a complete mess and I can't get back to original spreadsheet. My knowledge of Excel is fairly basic and I don't need all the "bells and Whistles"'.

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If you wish, you can attach the workbook to a reply, or if that is not possible, make it available on OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar.

Thank you - but I don't know how to attach or make available as my knowledge is very basic


Do you have a Microsoft account? If so, you should see OneDrive in File Explorer.

You can copy a sample workbook to OneDrive.

Right-click the file on OneDrive and select Share from the context menu.

Click the Copy button under Copy link.

This will produce a URL that you can copy and paste into a reply.


Alternatively: do you have a Google account (for example for Gmail)?

If so, go to Google Drive in your browser.

Upload a sample workbook to Google Drive.

Right-click the uploaded file and select Get Link from the context menu.

Click Copy Link, then paste into a reply.

another option is to click on Hans' or my icon and select "Message" and in the private message you should be able to attach/upload a workbook using either the button/link provided or drag and drop onto the box.
Many thanks for your assistance. I have now remedied the problem and have been able to return to the original spreadsheet. Not sure how I overcame the problem but whatever I did it worked. Thank you for your assistance again


Good to hear that. Thanks for the feedback.