Excel spreadsheet (list) to Calendar - auto update?

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I have a spreadsheet that I use each month to track monthly bills. It is nothing more than a list with 8 columns (Paid Yes/No dropdown, Due Date, Payee, Payment Amount, Notes/Comments, Total Account Balance, Interest Rate, and Method of Payment. I use Excel 365 for Mac.

I would love to be able to pull out 3 columns of info (Due Date, Payee, Payment Amount) and have it exported to my calendar each month. Ideally, I would not have to manually export and import every month from Excel into my calendar.

The reason I want to do this is so that I can visually see and be reminded when a bill is coming due on any device that I am using at the time. I also share my calendar with my husband, and it helps us coordinate finances, big purchases, etc.


I am not a newbie to Excel (I took the intro class  :oP  ) but I am out of my wheelhouse with this idea. I follow instructions well if they are clearly written.

Anyone? Thank you in advance for your time and for reading this.

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visually see and be reminded?
convert list to calendar?

or convert list to ics and then import to outlook canledar or Android calendar?