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I have created a spreadsheet that tracks my pay from my employer. I am a contract employee and get paid based on job size. So I have created a sheet with "Date" in column A, "Project Name" in column B, "Site Size (MW)" in column C, "Rate" in column E, "Billable Amount" in column F. When I type in the site size in Megawatts in column C Column E automatically calculates my pay based on an equation. And column F displays it in dollars. I need a way to total these when it is time to invoice and to summarize data at intervals and in addition I need to calculate 35% out for taxes. any help would be appreciated

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An Excel file (without sensitive data) would be helpful here for you and those who want to help.
Only if you want a quick and, as far as possible, precise solution proposal.

Thank you for your understanding and patience

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