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Hi I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction, please 


I want to add a value of a cell to the sum of another value in another cell if a condition is met. 


For example


Amount Out:  Expense Type:   VAT:

£10.00.            Fuel                   S

10.00.              Ice cream          N 

15.00.              Fuel.                  N



S VAT: £10

N VAT: £20


Fuel: £20

Ice Cream £10



So when a value is added EG N or S VAT the value is added to the sum in the VAT S or N cell, and if an expense type is added it's added to the expense type area with the sum of the expense type. 

I hope this makes sense. 

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@jamesdavidknight if I understand the request properly you could use the SUMIF function in excel:


say I have

column A holds the amount

column B holds the type

column C holds the VAT code


cell D1 holds S and D2 is where I will hold the S sum

cell E1 holds N and E2 is where I will hold the N sum


So for S:


… to add if you have multiple conditions use the SUMIFS there are also COUNTIF equivalents
N Vat: should be 25, also Fuel should sum 25 (10+15)?