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I have an excel spreadsheet with the following formula in a cell =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(A3,'Week Numbers'!A:B,2,FALSE),"") which when read on the sheet comes up with 03 January 2022 where cell A3 value is 1. I am trying to change this to 2023 but cant work out how the cell comes up with a date from this formula? Cell A2 reads as below Week Number (1-52) and cell B2 reads Week Starting.


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It would appear that on sheet 'Week Numbers' that column A is a list of weeks from 1-52 and then column B has a formula in it to return the starting date for each of those weeks. The formula you show is then doing a LOOKUP based on the desired weeknumber in A3 and returning the corresponding start of the week from 'Week Numbers' column B. So to answer your question, check the formula or update the values in column B on the sheet 'Week Numbers'
for example:
=DATE(2023,1,8)-WEEKDAY(DATE(2023,1,1),12 )+SEQUENCE(52,,0,7)