Excel Spreadsheet Buttons display differently on others computers

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Howdy. Currently working on a project for a client to track failures within Water Cooled staves. The spreadsheet utilizes extensive macros and userforms, which are accessed via buttons within the individual spreadsheet pages for each stave.


The problem I've been having since starting this project is as follows: My buttons display differently on all of my coworkers machines than they do on mine. I am utilizing a 4K monitor, they are not. Microsoft ENSURES ME that the program will take this into account and scale the necessary elements appropriately to ensure that they maintain the proper presentation across multiple platforms, however, this is not the case.


The buttons will be shifted to the RIGHT and a bit DOWN on my coworkers display(s), whereas they are centered within a group of cells that have a thick border and a background fill on my screen. The offset is very noticable.

Furthermore, text will also be too large for the buttons on my coworkers display(s), whereas the entirety of the text will display in the buttons on my screen. This is, quite obviously, obstructive to accomplishing my objectives.

What can be done to rectify this error on Microsofts part? Please see the attached pictures for a comparison between my display and my coworkers.


I apparently "DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION" to upload images, so, my apologies in advance for Microsofts inability to allow users to communicate effectively.

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Re:  size and placement differences on a computer screen, between different users.


An ongoing problem for years, when developing programs for others to use.

As the Screen Resolution (SR) gets smaller (height and width numbers are smaller) objects and worksheets get larger and vice versa.  It has been a problem for me when creating VBA userforms.


I've written VBA code to make adjustments depending on the SR used, but its a crapshoot.  What you might try is to adjust the your SR to that of your users, tidy things up and see how that works on the other machines.  I expect you are going to find that the SR in use is not consistent across users.

You also need to find out if your font and font size differs widely from that is use by others.




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