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Hello, I’m new to using excel (basic knowledge) but I’m learning. I am creating a nutrition template for my crossfit gym and I could use some help. I have a tab that has drop down menus of different foods and then generates the amount of food you should eat of that food type once you chose an option. ( I.e. Chicken Brest 3oz)
I have made a set of 5 sections (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and snack) with 7 rows for each day of the week. My plan is to take all of the results and compile them into a shopping list. How would I go about generating a list of food elementing doubles but adding there value (I.e If I had chicken brest on Monday with 4 oz and chicken Brest on Tuesday with 4oz it would generate to a shopping list “chicken Brest 8oz”
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Hello Joshua,
I suggest that you enter your data in separate columns. For example, your Column Labels might be Day, Type, and Quantity. Thereby, you will be able to perform calculations easier.