Excel slows the mouse to an unusable speed on MacOS Ventura (MAC mini)

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All of a sudden, the mouse performance slowed to an unusable speed in normal mode on my Mac mini running Verntura 13.2.1. This slowness did not occur when I booted in safe mode. I have a subscription to Microsoft 365 and Word, Powerpoint, and OneNote do not exhibit the slowed mouse in normal mode.

The mouse slowness disappears when focus is moved to another window or Excel is closed.


Any inputs would be welcome.

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I have had the exact same problem.  It happens with my wireless Logitech MX Ergo and also with my wireless MX Master 3 for Mac. I currently have to use the most basic of wired Logitech mouses in order to avoid the problem.  This has been happening for at least a couple of months. @Robert_Pepple3028