Excel slows down when linking between sheets

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I am experiencing a very strange lag when linking between sheets and what is strange is it is not entirely consistent i.e. when linking the same information to different sheets it doesn't always slow down and sometimes works like a charm but others i have a delay of maybe a minute or couple of minutes at times.

Also this lag doesn't seem to be there if i just type the sheet and cell location instead of using the usual method of = and looking for the sheet and cell i want to link. 


I was wondering if someone has had the same problem before and if you have any tips on how to solve.

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Is this on one particular file?
You say the problem does not always happen, but if it does, is it with the same worksheet(s)?
It seems to happen only on this particular file and can occur on any of the worksheets(only when i link) Could it be just because the file has 120+ worksheets.
Does the problem stop if you set calculation to manual? In that case your workbook needs optimizing.
No the problem still persists even with calculations set to manual. I'll try to optimize the file. Also interestingly every time it freezes it doesn't show in task manager as non responsive even though i can only minimize the window.

@Slun4o If you open the Selection task pane (Home tab, click the "Find & Select" drop-down and choose "Selection pane") and select your sheets in turn, are there any that have many objects listed?