Excel...simple formula not working

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I have the Family Office 365 version, so not the Primary holder yet expect Excel to work.

I create a number in cell e51; ans 5  I create a number in f51; ans 10.  Both from either Find or Len functions which both gave the correct result.  I checked to ensure the results were both numbers with ISText function.  Then just put a simple formula in = f51 - e51 and got 0....Zero!!??? what the heck is going on???  When I put the formula =IF(E51=0,0,RIGHT(B51,(F51-E51)))  I got 0, even though e51 is 5 so what the heck is going on with Excel....unreliable now?

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Could you attach a small sample workbook demonstrating the problem (without sensitive data), or if that is not possible, make it available through OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar?

How do I attach a sample file here??


Please check if you are in Automatic mode



That could be available in the editor when you reply on the post


If not when share on OneDrive, Google Drive, whatever, make available for everyone and share the link.

Did check that...and Yes it is
Thank you for looking into this right away....I have never done this Help system before and never used OneDrive before....but have used Excel extensively, to a point, and am overly frustrated the way Microsoft seems to have tightened control over the application experience....like buying a tool in a store, say a hammer, and then needing someone else to hold the handle with you when you hit a nail....bloody ridiculous.


Thanks! Your formula in G52 refer to cells in row 51, but the cells you want are in row 52:


Since E51 and F51 are blank, your formula =IF(E51=0,0,RIGHT(B51,(F51-E51))) returns 0.

If you refer to E52 and F52, you get the desired result:


OMG...rookie mistake...yet at my age maybe not....I was looking to write formulas to switch names around...so Bill Ellis would be Ellis, Bill and Greg Cebry would be Cebry, Greg....so when ran the formulas and it showed 5, and 10 I presumed correct ...yet both names in both Rows yield same result..so it was my eyesight thinking I was writing formulas in Row 51 when I was in 52....uugghh....Sorry for wasting your time...and thank you for at least finding my issue...as I was beginning to think I was going 'mad'.