Excel shortcuts on Chromebook

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I am struggling to figure out shortcuts in Excel on my Chromebook.

The basic CTRL+ C,Z, etc work but I don't know how to make the F functions to work.

I got a keyboard but it's reacting in excel.

I really need them and don't want to get another laptop. I've browsed all over the internet and forums for help, can't figure it out.

I am paying for the whole Office package so would be great to have a full version of it.



Thank you very much in advance.



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A truly full version of Office does not work on a Chromebook, you'll need a Windows computer if you want all features Office has to offer. You are probably using Office on-line within a browser.
Can you post a picture of your keyboard please?

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Hi Jan, thank you for your response!

I am not using Excel Sheets, if that's what you mean?

I downloaded Microsoft Office on the PlayStore so use Excel as a separate application. It looks like the Excel that I have always used, but perhaps more basic. Can you write macros or do any serious modelling on this on a chrome book?

The keyboard I purchased is just a standard Microsoft wireless keyboard 2000. The missing function that bothers me the most for now is not being able to lock cells with F4 or edit using F2 or CTRL+1 for formatting- I have to manually go in and do it. 

I seem to have some of the right click functions with the wireless keyboard and mouse, but it's super basic.

It would be such a shame to have to buy a new laptop, I only got this one recently. 


Thank you!

@SofiaB Hmm, I do not own a Chrome book but I guess this is a more basic version of Excel, without access to quite some features, unfortunately this includes VBA.

Hi Sofia, just migrated to a chromebook, discovered a simple fix, pressing the search button (should be just above the left side SHIFT button on the keyboard) + the numbers button converts the action into a function. For Example Search + 4 = F4. Hope this helps.
How do i use the alt codes in excel on a Chromebook
It has slightly changed, but girirajiyer's comment helped me find the solution. Now you must use the top row of keys above the number. So now instead of [Search + 4 = F4], it is [Search + Key above 4 = F4].