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I’m trying to get this done but can’t seem to fix it myself. I have one spreadsheet with 20 active sheets on it, I need to create a folder/workbook that will hold 18 of these sheets and leave 2 active on the main spreadsheet. In a way I need a folder in a folder. I still need to be able to see these sheets so in a way if I click on the folder tab it will open the sheets. I’m not looking at combining the sheets into one sheet, or hide the sheets from view. Is this something that is even possible?

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Excel for the web does not support the creation of folders or sub-workbooks within a single workbook, so far I know. The feature you are looking for, which is the ability to group sheets into sub-workbooks or folders for organizational purposes, is not available in Excel for the web.


In Excel, grouping sheets into sub-workbooks or folders is a feature that is typically available in the desktop version of Excel, and it allows you to create a hierarchy for better organization. However, this feature is not available in Excel for the web, which is a web-based, simplified version of Excel designed primarily for basic spreadsheet editing and collaboration.


If you require this specific functionality, you would need to use the desktop version of Excel to create sub-workbooks or folders within your Excel workbook. Once you have created these sub-workbooks, you can use Excel for the web for basic viewing and editing, but the organizational structure will be maintained in the desktop version.


Keep in mind that Microsoft regularly updates its Office 365 suite, including Excel for the web, so it is possible that new features may have been added since my last update. I recommend checking the most recent version of Excel for the web to see if this feature has been introduced. The text were edited with the help of AI.


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Do you want to navigate all sheets with treeview(add folder as class  e.g. like below image) rather than present flat view(without group tag)?


ive opened the sheet on desktop but can’t seem to find how to create subfolders @NikolinoDE 

@laylas @NikolinoDE I hope Excel for the web will consider implementing the functionality as it will serve as a significant assistance in organizing data for those of us who use it on a daily basis.