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Excel Sheet View not working

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When I open a workbook that is shared in Teams in Excel Desktop app and filter the data in Sheet view, other users, that have access to that file, can see my changes even though I clicked that the filter should only be applied to me.

There are several columns in the Workbook. Once I start a sheet view (view > new sheet view) there are no error messages or indications that something is not working (columns and rows are different colour and there is an eye symbol in the tab).

When I open the Workbook in the Browser version and filter in Sheet view - other users cannot see my filters. So it seems like just the desktop version is affected. 

Checked for Excel updates - nothing was there. 

Repaired the M365 package with both the quick repair and the online repair - didnt work. 


Does anyone have any ideas what the issue here could be or what to do here? Other people that open the files from teams on the desktop and start the sheet view dont have that issue. Also this does not affect just one Workbook but anything I open from Teams on the Excel desktop app.


Thank you for your help!


With best regards,

Lisa Owczarek

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I've got exactly the same issue Lisa, O365 on a W7 platform (16.0.12527.21824, W7 Enterprise SP1 x64) and Sheet View isn't even present in the View tab of Excel. It's driving me nuts.

@Matt_Newman @lisaowczarek

I have the same issue. The desktop app worked great before. But in the last few months it stopped working. Now, when I activate a new view, then sort or filter, the changes show up for others in the document.

I see a note on this page Sheet Views in Excel - Office Support ( that says: 

  • When you use Sheet View in desktop Excel and save your document, any sorts and filters you have made will appear in the Default view for all users. Sheet Views are not affected.

But when the common autosave feature is turned on, which we would need it to be, that means that the filters and sorts used in sheet view will appear for all users still in Default?


Hoping to get some clarity on this soon!

I'm having the same issue, very frustrating. I can see new sheet view works as it should in the browser version of Excel, but not in the desktop app which is far superior.

What's the point in allowing you to use the desktop app for a shared spreadsheet if you can't use the sheet view properly?