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I have a file that we're wanting to utilize the Microsoft Excel Sheet View for and I have multiple questions on this. 

Background : I have a file that we will need to have multiple users in the file at the same time making updates. In their updates, each user will need to be able to filter the data, hide columns, add columns, add formulas, add macros, make changes, etc. I want to set it up where I have a Master View, then the users have their own view. 


  1. I want a master view to be able to see everything added to the file, do I use the Default View for this? 
  2. We've found with individual views, we can filter in each view without messing with another user's view. However, if a user in View A hides a column, it also hides the column in View B as well as the Default . Is there a way to prevent this?
  3. The Link settings that allows for sharing a link but restricting access for the person it is shared with, how does this work? We would like to be able to share a link with a person for so many days, then that link would expire. Is this possible?
  4. I have one user that can only see the "editing view" and is not able to create new views. How do I change this? 




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@Amanda_Fasano I am having similar issues. Did you ever find an answer to Question B?

My team is using Excel in Microsoft Teams and I have created sheet views multiple times. However, the option to select whether or not to view others' changes does not always pop-up and their column and filtering changes affect my view and vice versa. They are confident they are on different views than I am. 


If there is a place to choose not to view others' changes that I can access (outside of it popping up) that may help.


If anyone else knows, please answer Amanda's original post to help us both out.


Thank you,