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Dear Excelers,

                      I am facing a scrolling issue in a particular sheet. This sheet doesn't scroll with the mouse (but scrolls with arrow keys) although all other sheets in the workbook are functioning as usual. Only the "sizing" sheet seems to have this issue. There are a lot of linked data in the "sizing" sheet. Can someone help me out?


NB: For security, I have wiped out all the data and kept the sheets only.



Sandip Gumtya


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Hmm... I have no problem scrolling the sizing sheet with the mouse.

Does the problem persist if you completely quit Excel then reopen the workbook?

If so, does it persist if you restart your computer?

Hi @Hans Vogelaar thanks for your reply. Yes, I have tried to use the same file in a different system but I am facing the same issue. Are you able to scroll all three sheets with the mouse?  If so, what might be the issue at my end?





Yes, I can scroll all sheets in that workbook with the mouse.

I have also looked at the properties of the sheets in the Visual Basic Editor and didn't find anything special. So I have no explanation for the behavior that you experience, sorry.

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If scrolling by mouse means scrolling by mouse wheel staying on any cell, not clicking by mouse on scroll bar - yes, it doesn't work in my case as well.


In 'sizing' sheet rows starting from 9000 or so till end are hided. If unhide them mouse wheel scrolling works, please check in attached. Not sure what is behind this effect.

Hi @Sergei Baklan ,

                               Unhiding the rows from 9000 did the trick but still unclear what was causing this. Anyway, thanks for your inputs.





@sandipgumtya365 , you are welcome. I can't reproduce that on new file and not sure what's the reason exactly, will try to investigate some later.