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I have imbedded various links into an Excel sheet. These links point to PDFs, word docs and PPTs.  When I share this sheet with others,  these links don't open.  When I look at the original sheet saved on my  C: drive (together with all the linked documents)  the links open. So basically when I share the file,  the links don't open.  What am I doing wrong?

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Description of link management and storage in Excel

Relative vs. absolute links

Links to external workbooks are created in a relative manner whenever possible. This means that the full path to the source data file is not recorded, but rather the portion of the path as it relates to the linked workbook. With this method, you can move the workbooks without breaking the links between them. The links remain intact, however, only if the workbooks remain in the same location relative to each other. For example, if the linked file is C:\Mydir\Linked.xls and the source data file is C:\Mydir\Files\Source.xls, you can move the files to the D drive as long as the source file is still located in a subfolder called "files".

Relative links may cause problems if you move the linked file to different computers and the source is in a central location.


Work with links in Excel

For quick access to related information in another file or on a web page, you can insert a hyperlink in a worksheet cell. You can also insert links in specific chart elements.


*In the end, if I may add with your permission, adding a file (without sensitive data), knowing the Excel version and the operating system, makes the support a lot easier...and you get a solution proposal / approach or answer much faster and more precisely :).


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