Excel Sharepoint Duplicating Cells

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I have been tasked with creating a daily and monthly log for movements of vehicles.  How it currently works is a user will enter details in tab one (input), then at the end of the shift, the supervisor would copy these and paste into tab 2 (paste values)


You would think it would be easy to tell then to paste as values, but 2 months on, we are still having lots of issues.


So what I want to do is find a way to copy anything inputted and duplicate this into the paste values tab automatically, but then we can remove the cells from the input tab and start afresh each day but with the information staying in the paste values tab.  This will remove the human error part of the process.


From lengthy research, I can see VBA Macros are not an option as we are using Sharepoint, but now I am completely lost.


Or is there a way to have it automatically paste as values as a fallback option?

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