Excel set for Landscape printing only prints in Portrait

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I have everything set for LANDSCAPE printing.  When I print it comes out in PORTRAIT.  The printer, itself, shows landscape.  The print preview shows landscape.  The Page Layout Orientation is set to Landscape.  The Page Layout View shows it as Landscape.  I have Microsoft 365 version.  What is left to do?

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How strange. Does this also happen if you select a different 'Printer', like Microsoft Print to PDF? Does it help to uninstall the printer and install it again?
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It was my printer causing the problem.  It only took me two hours to figure it out.  I was able to print on a different printer.  I have a Canon TR7020.  It's fairly new so I don't understand why this would happen.  

It might be a bug in the printer driver causing issues here, impossible to tell. Glad it's sorted now!