Excel _ selection of title printing is grayed

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I would like to print the title on each page, but when I want to choose the lines, the selection is grayed

I have no multiselection

I have a printer 

no cells are edited

thank you for your help

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Are you trying to do this from File > Print > Page Setup? That is not possible.

Activate the Page Layout tab of the ribbon, and click Print Titles in the Page Setup group.

Thank you, but it didn't work again
I can send you a screenshot that you see the frame but I don't know if we can send file


If you cannot attach a file or screenshot here, you can either upload it to a cloud service (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, ...) and post a link to it here, or send it to me by private message (click on my avatar).

@srw44 I have been struggling with this for the past 3 hours even though I use Excel regularly over the last 30+ years.


What worked for me...I selected an empty cell on the worksheet, then hit the escape key. When I select PRINT TITLES button on the ribbon I am now able to select the row I want printed on each page!