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First of all please excuse my English.

Most people know how to protect an excel worksheet, with the standard button in excel.

But as some migth know this protection ist very easely to crack, there are instructions on google, very simple. My question is, is there a stronger protection aviable for an excel sheet?

I have an excel sheet for customers with a lot of calculations in the background, wich should be keept safe. 

Can anybody help me with this?

Thank you very much


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Protecting your important files with a password has become something of a must for everyone.


All-round protection in Excel was not actually intended from the start. The password protection in Excel was actually intended to protect different areas in worksheets or entire workbooks so as not to lose formulas through incorrect entries. At the same time, that others who are working on the same files do not accidentally change something where it should not be.


As it is, Excel files are used by most businesses, large and small, to document their finances, growth, input / output, and so much more business-related. In such circumstances, when everything is in Excel files, they hold the entire circulatory system of the company. So protecting them becomes a necessity.


However, since so many files - private and professional - are password protected, memorizing so many passwords is also a task.


If you are someone who gets stuck with an Excel spreadsheet because you too have assigned a password and can now no longer remember it, there are various simple solutions to decrypt the file / s. For example, a password-protected Excel file can be unlocked without software using VBA code. Open a protected Excel file by changing the file extension, or unlock the Excel file online.

There are many ways how to unlock a simple Excel file.

I would not rely on Excel's password protection to secure company data.

That would also be unfair to the program.For password protection of a company, there are additional measures that could be taken, such as Bitlocker.


The principle is that “everything that a person can lock can also be unlocked”.

It's just a matter of time and money.


But in order not to show the password badly when it is not, I recommend that you take a few steps.

Steps to watch out for:

1.Password should have at least 16 characters with upper and lower case letters, special characters and numbers.

2.With VBA Password, VBA Project should also be protected with a password.

3.Also protect the worksheets individually.

4.Protect the workbook structure.

5.If using VBA, add an additional password obstacle, such as after date xx.xx.xxxx the file should no longer be opened.



Hope I could help you with this information.


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