Excel Search Function Across multiple Sheets

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I have a spreadsheet with multiple tabs (sheets). One tab (Donor Directory) is a list of donor names. What I'm hoping to do is find a formula that will auto-fill a cell directly next to the donor name with the name of the sheet that donor name is currently on. 


More specifically, I'm setting up a follow up process so whenever the donor moves to the next stage of cultivation within this document, I want that to be updated on the Donor Directory sheet. It's my DIY Moves Management system since we don't have one at work. Is there a formula that will look at the donor name on the original sheet (donor directory) and then tell me which sheet that name is on most recently? 


Additionally, as the donor moves through the process, the name will then be located on multiple sheets so I would need this function to tell me the most recent location of the name. I'm not sure this is even possible... but I'm hoping! 


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Do not work with different sheets but with different categories in one sheet.