Excel Script Assistance Clear All Slicers - conversion from VBA

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Hello Community,


If possible, I would like to create an Excel Script that replaces the VBA Code that I have assigned to current button in my Excel Workbook.



Private Sub ClearFiltersButton_Click()


End Sub



I am new to Excel Script and tried to use the ClearFilter() with the ExcelScript.Slicer unsuccessfully.  I encountered many errors, which I'm sure is related to my lack of knowledge.


Your help and time are greatly appreciated.


Thanks kindly,


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@RaquelNC This script works for me:

function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook) {
	let slicers = workbook.getSlicers();
	for(let i=0;i<slicers.length;i++){

@Jan Karel Pieterse That works perfectly.  Thanks for the assistance.  I am working on assigning that script to my button to replace the old VBA. 

There is an option in the script editor menu to add a button to your sheet that calls the script.

@Jan Karel Pieterse I saw that after I added it to my script list and renamed it for the workbooks that I was working on.  Thanks for reaching out to let me know.  I greatly appreciate all the tips and tricks.