Excel runs painfully slow, all other Microsoft 365 Business apps function with no problem.

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And only on one workstation.  I'm out of ideas of what to look for next.  


Problem is isolated to excel but nothing stands out.  I've monitored the system resources when using Excel, I've monitored firewall data flows still every thing seems normal.  But even to open the app, it stalls at banner load and just crawls until program is exited.  The decrease in performance has made use of Excel impossible.  


I've used the scrubber uninstall, and reinstalled office, I've utilized the SARA tool and still have not been able to get any type of hold on this problem.


If anyone has experienced this and figured out a solution, I would be incredibly grateful!

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If you have the latest updates installed (info’s for Workstation),

If you have repaired the Office programs,

Start Office applications in safe mode.


Identify possible problems with the add-in, de-install all and try excel again, there could be an add-in among others causing this.

Check if the file was created by a third party and the problem only appears in those files.


Hope I could help you with this information.



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