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Hi all, 


I have a problem and would love to receive some help! I just deleted some rows in Excel. Since then, my spreadsheet has been drastically reduced. It stops at 88004 rows and won't show any further rows (all other sheets of my Excel file contain the usual row limit of 1.048.576. 
Even if I copy in data from another File in this sheet, it cuts it of at 88.004 and deletes any additional rows. Is there any way to fix this broken sheet or do I have to redo all my analysis and pivots that are based on this.






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@VeraExcel Select the box with the little triangle at the top left of the grid.


Right-click on any of the row numbers and select Unhide.



Hey @Riny_van_Eekelen


thanks for your response. Unfortunately, this does not change anything in my file. It seems like all rows after 88004 are just gone.  There are no filters set and now rows hidden.


@VeraExcel I doubt it. You simply can't reduce the number of rows in an Excel sheet.

Hide them, yes. But you can't delete them.


Please try again. Select the box with the tri-angle in it (above row number 1 and left of column A) to select all cells. Right-click on a row number and then Unhide.