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I am trying to add the Developer tab to my excel tabs, from what I have found on the internet is that I can do this one of 2 ways, 1 right clicking the ribbon then clicking on customize ribbon. 2 go to file then go to options then click customize ribbon. Neither of these options work for me, when I right click there is no prompt and if I go to file and then options there simply is no customize ribbon option, I only have the option to change the language (change to languages like Spanish not python, I'm not sure if you can change coding language or what language excel is in) Any suggestions or additional information would be terrific! 

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Make sure if you have a valid licence to use Excel product. Maybe is the cause of your problem.
I'm also having this problem. I have a valid license for use of Excel through Office 365.

@MxLunger You tagged your message with "Excel for web". The Developer tab is not supported in the web version. You need to run the desktop version of Excel for that.



I access Excel by going to office.com, which takes me to my licensed paid Office 365 version of Excel. Do I need to use the free version of Excel to have acess to the Developer's tab?

@Judy_McKee You need to work in the desktop app. not sure what you mean by "which takes me to my licensed paid Office 365 version of Excel". If you are working in Excel with a web browser, you will not find the Developer ribbon there. 


Do you see a button "Install Office" in the top right-hand corner of the browser window? I'm not specialist regarding MS licenses but I understand that all MS365 subscriber have access to both the online and desktop versions.