excel returns incorrect product using basic multiplication

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For this discussion I'll focus on cell N16 of the "proposal" page  The formula I am using links back to Q8*J6 of the "worksheet" page. It is obviously calculating numbers that excel sees differently than it is displaying for me to see. In J5 of the worksheet, I use the roundup formula and am pretty sure this is what is affecting my final product in N16 on the proposal page.  I just do not know how to fix this so that 1,320*4.19 = 5,530.80   as it should... not 5,535.30


There are similar occurrences in other areas of my spreadsheet, but I would think that they all suffer from the same problem.


Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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As you can easily check the value of Q8 is 4.19341 and it shows 4.19 only because of the number format.