Excel - Return a specific text value, based on values of 2 other cells

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Hello, I would be grateful if someone could help with a formula to accomplish the following:


Based on combinations of the text values in cells A2 and B2, I would like C2 to return a specific text value.  Example:  If Level of Influence = Low and Level of Impact = Low, Level of Engagement Needed = Monitor.


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This formula works in my sheet.

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Your sample is translated literally

=IF( AND( A2= "Low", B2 = "Low" ), "Monitor", "have no idea what to be in other cases")


Create a lookup table like this:


Let's say the above is on Sheet2.

On the sheet with the Level of Influence in A2 and the Level of Impact in B2, enter the following formula in C2:



Thanks very much for everyone's quick help!


I couldn't resist this.  I love @Hans Vogelaar 's little table, so I created an unusual formula to exploit it!


= XLOOKUP(row,    rowHeader,    action)
  XLOOKUP(column, columnHeader, action)


The first line picks out a row; the second a column.  Putting them together returns the intersection of the two ranges.