Excel renames function to Spanish

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Hi there,


I usually send Excel worksheets to Spanish speaking colleagues and when they return them back some of the formulas are changed to Spanish and I need to do a Find/replace routine to fix it.


Any help to around this will be appreciated!


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Excel Functions Translator

This link will walk you through setting up and using the Excel Functions Translator add-in. The Functions Translator is geared towards people who use versions of Excel in different languages, and need help finding the right function in the right language, or even translating entire formulas from one language to another.


Hope I was able to help you with this link.



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Thank you, @NikolinoDE this certainly will help but... It seems as if I can only use the translator on new files but as soon as I open an existing file the translators buttons are grayed out.



What I can still offer is this translator.

Excel Translator 

Standard Disclaimer: These are links to non-Microsoft websites.

 Here you can manually insert any formula and translate it into the desired language.



@NikolinoDEMany thanks!!