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I have a Excel sheet where some cells recalculate automatically and others do not and require a F9 to recalculate. 

It is interesting that several totals recalculate automatically even where data cells do not!!!

The original excel sheet was built circa 2010 and has been developed since then, it is now saved in the ".xlsx" format.

New spreadsheets calculate automatically!

Any suggestions to resolve this problem?

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Automatically calculate formulas...to do this,

start Microsoft Excel and click on "File > Options" in the menu bar.

In the Options dialog box, switch to the Formulas category.

In the "Workbook Calculation" area, enable the "Automatic" option.


So the automatic calculation should work again and the cells with formulas should show the correct result again when the contents/values of the reference cells change.


You could turn automatic formula calculation on and/or off automatically with VBA Code.

Private Sub Workbook_aktivate()
Application.Calculation= xlautomatic
End Sub

Private Sub Workbook_deaktivate()
Application.calculation= xlManual
End Sub




Additional Information:

How Excel determines the current mode of calculation



Hope I was able to help you with this info.



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Many thanks for your response.
I have reviewed the three files that have the recalculation problem and all already have the workbook calculation set on via the formula tab calculation option.
Using your suggestion I have reset auto calculation on and off several times and auto calculation seems to now be working OK.
I will be able to confirm this when I have new data to input on 28/12
Many thanks for your help on this.
Have a good new year.
I have today entered new data on all three spreadsheets and the recalculate problems remain. As a matter of interest I have deleted all formulas from the cells affected and then added the formulas again and unfortunately the problems remain.
Do you have any other ideas to resolve the problem?
Kind regards DBF
It would be beneficial to include one of these workbooks (please, without sensitive data) in order to be able to make more accurate statements.
Is it only with these workbooks the problem?
...or only with certain formulas?

Additional information about the current Excel version, operating system and storage medium would be an advantage.


Pls find attached one of the workbooks that I have problems with. I have deleted sensitive columns along with worksheets including graphs etc.

Each day I enter values in the date columns e.g. DFY39 DFY49 .... DFYx9.

The change is calculated immediately in DFY40 etc as you would expect. However, the Profit / Loss box DFY42 etc does not in most cells automatically calculate. To recalculate I have to press F9 or save the workbook.

What is interesting is that the Total in DFY3 etc does automatically recalculate even though the DFY42 cells do not show the new calculated values.

You will see that I am running MS 365 Excel version 2211 (build 15831.20208). My PC is a 12 month old HP Pavilion and the workbook is saved directly to the hard drive in the PC. Windows 11 is used. Please let me know if any further information is required

Any help in this matter would be much appreciated. Similarly I would appreciate you erasing the work book when we have resolved the issue.

Many thanks. DBF



Please check the attached file to see if this is what you want.


What have you changed?
Yes. What have you changed?
Just simply inserted the formula in the DFY column (row 7), it wasn't there.