Excel - random movement of notes when rows inserted

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When I first create a note for a cell, it displays when you hover the cursor over the cell, and when you right click and edit the note, it is still in the same place. However when I insert rows into the spreadsheet, it behaves differently. Hovering over the cell still displays the contents of the Note, but if I edit the note, it moves to random locations, often off screen completely and I have to drag it back to it's original location. The size often changes as well. I have formatted the notes for auto-size and each of the Properties of Don't move and size with the cell, Move with the cell but don't resize, and Move with the cell and resize. Doesn't appear to make any difference. All I require is for the note to stay aligned with the cell it is for. Any ideas on how to fix this? I am using WIN10 and Microsoft 365.

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@LaurieB1950 , that's the question is to this community Welcome to the Excel group. (microsoft.com) and could you please explain step by step what are doing (e.g. add Note to C3, insert row above rows #3, etc)

@Sergei Baklan 

I have set up a spreadsheet with about 200 rows. On each row, in the second cell, I have inserted a note to tell me where to find the scanned document that  was used to input the information for that row. As it is being created, the note is aligned with the row for both hovering and editing. However, if I insert any number of rows (1+) into the spreadsheet, all of the rows after the insertion point behave differently. If the mouse is hovered, the note appears aligned with that row, but if I "edit the note"  the note has moved a random distance from it's respective row and the size changes as well, despite having the property set to auto-size. Sometimes the notes only move a couple rows, sometimes it is a number of scroll pages, completely off the screen containing the row I am working on. Editing the note requires that I see the data on that row so I have to drag the note back to the original location on that row. I have tried the three options for the note property (Do not move with cell and do not resize, move with the cell but do not resize, and move with the cell and resize) but none of them lock the note alignment.