Excel "Find" - Cannot see the outline on the "find" result. Can I change this outline or fill?

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Excel FIND function - I know how to use however when I CTRL F - I cannot see the outline of the BOX on my spreadsheet.  Can I change the outline color or choose a "fill" for the box containing the "FIND" result?

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If you're on a multi-monitor setup, you could try setting this in options:



If you're not using 2+ screens, here's some other things to try.


1. Run Excel through Safe Mode - Check the appearance of the Find menu in Safe Mode. Close/Re-open Excel in normal mode to check again. Sometimes running the app through Safe Mode irons out these quirks.

Open Office apps in safe mode on a Windows PC - Microsoft Support


2. Toggle the Windows the resolution.  Switch the resolution away from the current resolution, let it take effect, then switch it back.


Hopefully, one of these solutions works.