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Hello! I have a couple of questions about Excel I am hoping someone could help me with:


  1. I have been having trouble sharing an Excel file on OneDrive. Users (even I, who created the file) have to first create a new copy before editing. How can multiple users have access to the Excel file without having to make copies to make changes? Note: this is an intermittent problem.

  2. I have a database on Excel that lives in OneDrive. It includes a lot of entries and pictures and I believe the size and the images are making it slow to pull up. Is there a way to make it upload faster? 


Thank you in advance for any help!

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  • First Sign in to OneDrive.
  • Then find & hit the folder contains the WB you want to share.



  • Remember other person will be able to access everything from the folder. so to keep the specific WB private better create a separate folder for the WB you want to share.
  • Now hit the Share command.
  • Invite the person with whom you want to share the WB.
  • Again hit the Share command.
  •  Now if you feel open WB. After the person hit the link you sent him & start working, you can find the changes that person has made.


N.B. Excel only keeps the last changes made by either host or others. 


  • As far as size is concern allowed file size is 15 GB. But recently came across one article that it has been increased to 100 GB,,, better check it.