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When in excel little text boxes keep appearing all over my document when trying to click on the cells. It is slowing down the program and causing it to not respond. How can I get rid of this??
Thank you!
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I have a question why did you put this query in this Group?

What guided you to this place - please explain!

Maybe this name encourages you to report all problems?


I thought this was for technical questions. Please tell me wheee to go if this is not correct..


Yes, Excel question is better to ask Excel people here Microsoft Excel Community. It will be better if you illustrate with sample file, or at least by screenshot, which "little text boxes" do you mean.

@Bstone1335 Thanks for your question! You've posted it in the Tech Community Discussion space, which is for questions and discussion around the Tech Community website itself. I've moved your question to the Microsoft Excel discussion space - please post future Excel queries there. Thank you!