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I use an excel spreadsheet for our daily production reporting so we have one spreadsheet for every day of the work week with numbers in cells just for that day by date. How can I pull cell data from these sheets by date to a single spreadsheet showing multiple dates. Currently I cursor through the cells and change the date manually. 

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transfer results from a different Excel tables

maybe I misunderstood something ...as is unfortunately often the case recently...hmm wonder..need glucose
= IF (table1! B2 = table2! A2; table2! B2)

= IF -> the comparative query
Table1! B2 -> in tab1 in cell B2 is the first number to be compared
Table2! A2 -> in tab2 in cell A2 the second

as far as the query, as long as the cells have been selected correctly and since the content is now the same, then appears in the cell in which this formula is (i.e. here O2)
= VLOOKUP (B2, Sheet2! $ A $ 1: $ B $ 2367,2, FALSE)

you can only insert one "" for different entries:
= IF (table1! B2 = table2! A2; table2! B2; "")

But that's how it should work ... theoretically ... is without a test.

Ps. The formulas have been translated from German with an Excel translator.

Without a file (without sensitive data) it is always difficult to understand exactly what is required.


I would be happy to know if I could help.



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