Excel query not adding new rows when refreshing

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I have an excel query that I would like to use but it doesn't add new rows when I refresh the page and it only adds the rows that are there when I added the query. Please help me with this.

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@David-J89 As in Power Query? What are you connecting to and how?


For instance, when you connected to a named range and add data outside that range, PQ will not pick-up the new rows of data. Better to transform the data to a structured table and connect to the table instead as it will automatically grow when you add data at the bottom.

The source of the data is Yahoo finance. How do I transform the data to a structured table?

@David-J89 OK, you are getting data from the web. Then you are not connecting to a range or a table. Would you mind sharing the full url you are connecting to?

@David-J89 When viewed on-line you see the entire date range. Correct? But when you connect to the url via PQ you only get the first 100 rows. That's how it is with Yahoo Finance. Is that your problem?


If this all makes no sense, please clarify what exactly what you are trying to do and how.

My problem is that it doesn't refresh and add new rows. Let's say I created a web query on the 6th and now it's the 7th, now I need data for the 7th. When I click on refresh, it doesn't add a row for the 7th but does update for the other rows. It just doesn't add more rows or replace any rows, it only updates the rows for the 6th and back when I click on refresh. I'm a new excel user.