Excel - PT0S - ISO 8601

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Hey All


Sorry anther basic question again sorry I am trying to convert this column "Video Duration" it has the cells as PT0S .


We have exported teams messages in our Origination report which came to me like in this format looking at this it is in a ISO 8601 format any ideas how I can get to to read in human English haha 


Screenshot 2023-01-05 143531.png

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For audio duration:




Fill one cell to the right for video duration. Then fill down.



hey thank you so much the only issue is we have "P1DT9" in the cells 

im putting this onto a Powerbi so it need to be a readable format i have tried formatting the column but nothing changes   


Screenshot 2023-01-05 143531.png


The screenshot in your first post had only PT examples, and none with P1D, so I didn't take that into account.

P1DT7H19M26S means 1 day, 7 hours 19 minutes and 26 seconds.

What should the output of the formula for such a value look like?