EXCEL PROJECT: Work Distribution help

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Hello, I'm in need of some help not to professional with excel and still learning.

I have made a simple spreadsheet with regular assignments I do at work and we are trying to distribute those assignments evenly between employees.
1. We have a list of assignment on col. C under file type and the employee name on col. E
2. Now we have a list of names on G7:G11
3. The formula we are using on col E is this (=INDEX($G$7:$G$8,MATCH(A4,$H$7:$H$8,0)) to pull a name that matches the file type they will be working on

The issue is that we can't figure out how to assigned evenly a certain amount to each employee working the same file type.

Attached is the file hopefully I didn't sound to confusing
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If without formulas, what is the formal logic to calculate amount, is that the sum of amount from left table for the given name and file type or something else?

At the end got a little confusing but it's simple
Connect with me in private I will explain u


Better to explain all people on this forum who could have similar question.