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@Olaf Hubel Excel has become so flaky and unstable.  It literally crashed from selecting a different shade of color for one cell.  1.5 hours of work gone because this application has become so unstable.  Poor execution.


In my experience, the problem is usually with the company server

 or internet line when, for example, you work with OneDrive and not with Excel itself.


We also have to be clear that the more possibilities a software offers, the more complex it becomes. In the case of Excel, when I compare Excel 2.0 with Excel 365, it's like day and night for a user.

Of course, the possibilities with Excel 365 compared to Excel 2.0 are also day and night.


For me, an Excel division into categories would be of great advantage, such as beginners (for pupils and schools, etc.) / private (for private users, students, etc.) / business (for SME "Small & Medium Enterprises", self-employed, etc.) / Enterprice (MA "Major Accounts", Public Sector, etc.).


This would immediately make it clear to the user / customer what he needs and where to look in order to purchase an Office / Excel version.


Otherwise I find Excel (even if I don't know anything), the best invention since there is chocolate!


In the end, I would like to thank you and everyone else for taking the time to read my comment so far.



I know I don't know anything (Socrates)


excel was not starting I want a quick response with the solution to this problem
please it is very important because of files are getting error and not open in the excel
the official work get disturbed from the problem
Thank You for viewing my problem
I want a quick response
,Vedant dobwal

@Olaf Hubel I have a suggestion for formatting toolbar.  Instead of having a 100 buttons, each button for a specific purpose, they should reuse some of the buttons, such as the case for Increasing or Decreasing buttons.  For example, if i'm formatting the Excel values for decimals, I can press the button to increase or decrease decimals.  But if I'm formatting for time, I should be able to press those same increase or decrease button and it should go from hours, to hours and mins, to hours, mins and seconds, etc.  Same goes  for short date to long date.  

Msft moved away from UserVoice and it's not clear where to give feedback
Where can I give feedback that User Forms need to be added to Excel for Mac? - Some of my colleagues use Macs and can't access the features I'm creating in Windows Excel