Excel - problem with opening files

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I have a problem opening Excel files. APPVLP suddenly started showing up as the default program. Opening the file from Excel - Open File - and selecting the file from the list works, but double-clicking on a specific file from any location opens a blank window.
I tried:
- clean registries with CC Cleaner
- manually change the default program to Excel (displays a message that the current software is not configured to handle this type of file)
- I repaired Office from Applications - Modify (fast and online version)
- I uninstalled Office and installed it again.
None of the above actions brought any results. Please help.
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Hi there. I must say that ALL the installations I give support to, about 80, have the office update disabled. Even so, there is a WINDOWS 10 update, and W11 too, that changes that. You will see a yellow ribbon under the menu of, say, Word, situated the same manner other notifications show up, that compells the user tu accept the update. 

Perfect! It really works! I did exactly as you advised an it works! Thank you Xavio.

just chiming in also as I have this issue too and sincerely hope Microsoft is working on a fix!!!!!!