Excel Print Preview not matching the actual printed document

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Hey there,

My Excel print preview and printer seem to be out of sync.

I keep my excel worksheets in "Page Layout" mode when I work, I find it best when I plan to print the document in the end. In the last 2 weeks, none of the documents I've printed are coming out the way they appear on the workbook.

I have a workbook that should be 23 pages but it prints 26 instead. The rows are extending over into other pages.

Please help!!

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I'm currently on Excel v2205, but I'm still having issues with the preview not being the same as the print. But to make matters worse (for me) after I "print" (to PDF) the screen actually changes what I'm seeing in Page Layout... But as soon as I click on Print/Print Preview, the layout changes and moved things up a few rows?


Below are some screenshots of what's I'm seeing.

1. I've deselected the Scale content checkbox in Options/Advanced

2. I then attempt to Print - note the last few lines that should be on the 2nd page

3. Attempting to Save the PDF, to overwrite the existing "test" file.

4. After the Save, the screen immediately changes/updates and move the rows down slightly.


I've have both the Excel page layout set to A4, I also have the PDF printer set to A4. I do have the page setup selected to fit 1 page wide, and infinite tall.


The really stupid thing is... Before doing a print (to PDF) the rows are on the wrong page, after the Print, they move to the 2nd page. But now if I just try and Cut and Paste them (to move them), the moment I Cut, the screen updates and moves things around once more!? So no matter what I do, the screen changes itself? 


If I re-select the Scale option in Options/Advanced, the preview remains wrong, the PDF is then correct, and the Pay Layout screen still updates itself every time I do something? :face_with_head_bandage:


Excel 01Excel 01

Excel 02Excel 02

Excel 03Excel 03

Excel 04Excel 04

@SergeiBaklan Wow! you are my hero as well Sergei. This was doing my head in. 


Thank you so much! 


I found this thread while googling to prevent pulling all of my hair out... my hero too!

You are a saviour @SergeiBaklan . I had a similar problem while printing the invoices. Despite selecting the printing area in the landscape, checking fit all columns and leaving 0 margins for header/footer/top/bottom/left/right, the final prints were leaving some bank space at one side of the page. 

Your solution fixed it. Many thanks for kindly sharing the solution. @SergeiBaklan  

Thanks for sharing your problem @Gano1224 . Great Help.


Omg. It's Nov 2022 and this really helped me. Thank u so much!



I have a similar issue, and although I tried un-ticking the 'Scale content' box, it did not resolve the issue.

The issue is with the text re-scaling withing a merged cell, which makes it look different in Page Layout to Print Preview. I think that's what is happening, so in the Walls cell, there are empty rows at the bottom of the cell, which are filled in. I am printing 'No scale', so 100%, and have some custom margins.


Any help would be appreciated.


Inked230119_Excel_Page Layout.jpgInked230119_Excel_Print Preview.jpg

Really excellent solution for this issue. Thanks lot.
I was also having the same problem for month, Thanks for your help

@SergeiBaklan  omg. all I can say is thank you.. I've been figuring it out why won't it come out identical. You're the best :)

@Mae_G25 , thank you, glad to help

Almost 4 years later and this is still helping. You've saved me from pulling my hair out. Thank you.



Your solution doesnt work in my case.

I have a problem since 6 years and no solution but I have exacly same problem as others here.


I can recognise 3 diffrent view

* view in excell 100% zoom

* view in excel 90% (usualy can be diffrent than 100%)

* preview (just before printing)



all this above can be difrent depend situation.


Can I send you my excel example? maybe you could help me?

You are life savior.. I also got the same issue and the solution is this.. Thank you very much Sir...!
Thank you very much!


I was wondering the issue since past few weeks,
you are awesome.


even our IT admin can't find the solution.


Thanks you so much, for the explanation, we learn everyday and some of these tricks are never taught from school and after so much time loses and struggled, then go on searching on these forumns, we come up with the guys like like Serge Baklan, so get solutions and never leave any thanks.

Thank you


You are welcome. 4-years old post and the answer still works.

Excel is infinite as universe, school never could cover all topics. No one pro, includes MVP:s and Microsoft Excel team, knows everything about Excel. Sure they know more than average user, but the main profit they could ask each other directly.

Wow.. Thank you so much for this.. It also solved mine 🥰:growing_heart: