Excel Print Preview not matching the actual printed document

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Hey there,

My Excel print preview and printer seem to be out of sync.

I keep my excel worksheets in "Page Layout" mode when I work, I find it best when I plan to print the document in the end. In the last 2 weeks, none of the documents I've printed are coming out the way they appear on the workbook.

I have a workbook that should be 23 pages but it prints 26 instead. The rows are extending over into other pages.

Please help!!

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I have the same problem. How to go there in Excel 2019?

@Krispylog Hi,


Try File -> Options -> Advanced and scroll down until you get to the General section.





@SergeiBaklan Thank you so much for solving my issue. 

Thank you @Sergei
My boss will be happy to see the wel configured report
Great! Thank you so much! Pro!.....
This solved the problem. Thank you
Thank Broo!!!!! It helped me a lot
Thanks sir!! it helped me......I was facing a lot of trouble!


thank you Sergei, saved a lot of time!!

Thank you for the fix. I had been struggling to allign my prints and your solution worked for me.



I also wanted to chip in that this solved an issue I had with spill over rows running on to a second page while running Excel on a Window 365 Cloud PC. When the code ran while I was connected to the cloud PC the page was fine, however when the same PDF export code ran using VBA Application.OnTime and I wasn't connected the rows spilled over (same code, same document, same everything, the only difference was connected and not connected via Remote Desktop). Unchecking the scale option solved this bizarre behaviour. (Maybe the Cloud PC uses different regional settings when a user is connected or not?)

Anyway, many thanks,



Sorry, I have no experience with "Window 365 Cloud PC".


Reading this in 2021 and OMG you're a blessing! Thank you so much!!

Have anyone face this before :-

Text is justified and presented nicely during Pagebreak preview, however, during print preview, all text just run out from the margin.


I've created a table to show alternating blue and white rows.  I see the colors as expected in the print preview, but when I print, no row colors are printing.  I tried exporting to PDF.  Again, the PDF shows the different row colors, but does not print the blue and white rows.  After trying multiple times, I realized there is a very faint "gray" color where the Blue color should be.  I wouldn't mind having the gray color (giving up on the blue), but it is too faint to be effective in separating the rows.  I googled this issue and kept getting the same results (to check to make sure that "Black and white" box was unchecked in the Sheet Tab of the Page Setup: it is not checked.  And to make sure that "Draft quality" is not checked, it isn't.  I really didn't have to check this, because I have 3 rows ABOVE the "Blue and White" rows that are in color and they print just fine.  I really could use your expertise here!  Please and Thank you!